Europe director Massimo Tammaro began his career in the Italian Air Force as a fighter pilot, later working in management with Ferrari and Formula 1.

Now he puts his experience and his Harvard training to work as an advisor, executive coach and global speaker focused on 
Leadership, Corporate Strategy, Change Management, Corporate Culture and HR.

Australian director Shadé Zahrai is a bestselling author, strategy consultant, Harvard-trained leadership coach and professional speaker featured on TED and TEDx.  

A former lawyer with a background in psychology, marketing and sales, bolstered by experience in leadership and consulting at a Big-4 bank, Shadé is savvy  about business communication. 

UK Director Graham Bann is an expert in communications and corporate respon-sibility, leading the effort in the UK for decades.  A long-time executive with the Prince's Business in the Community, Graham founded Race for Opportunity, the Local Investment Fund and established the Cares movement across the UK.  

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