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Stephanie Nowack 
  Leadership Coach & Facilitator

Speak Clearly, Confidently, and with Compassion. This has been Stephanie’s mantra as a communications, marketing and strategic planning professional for more than 30 years. She has held leadership positions in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, namely Motorola, Bank of America and United Way. Most recently, she served as the President and CEO for the Tempe, Arizona Tourism Office. Additionally, she has served as faculty at Arizona State University where she has taught Special Events and Sports Tourism.


Facilitation and strategic planning are among Stephanie's core strengths. She has a wide breadth of experience leading both corporate and non-profit groups through the strategic planning process.

Stephanie has experience as a media spokesperson and has led numerous workshops and seminars for corporate and nonprofit boards of directors. Some of her most interesting and challenging assignments involved teaching crisis communication skills to a group of senior Motorola engineers and working on an international satellite program. She earned her undergraduate business degree from Colorado State University and her MBA from Arizona State University. 

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