Not everyone is comfortable admitting that they are receiving presentation coaching, so we keep our clients' names confidential. But here are some happy customers who are ready to give references upon request:

“I highly recommend Distinguished Communications to anyone who wishes to improve their presentation skills.

I received great practical tips and support that is invaluable for growth and development." 

                                  Ad Agency Owner, Michela B.

"I have been through several communications seminars and yours is the most effective that I have ever experienced."

Construction VP,   A. Williams 

"After our very first meeting,

I was so energized and excited! I couldn't wait for the next coaching session!"

Tech Marketing CEO, Brandon W.

"I used to dread giving presentations, but since your training, I actually look forward to getting up there."

          Corporate IT Manager and                               Professor, Pawan K.

"This training gave me the confidence

to be myself and taught me how to

make a genuine connection with the audience."  

              Restaurant Owner, Robin T.

I was very uneasy giving speeches and now I can honestly say that I'm good at it thanks to your workshop and support!

           Alissa S., University Alumni Assoc.

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