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Whether you are interviewing for a new job, applying for a grant or scholarship, or facing an oral board, the interview can make or break the deal. There's much more to it than just knowing the answer. Let's make it an overwhelming  success.

Dec. 1, 2 PM MST


Don't worry; no one can read this terrible slide! What do your slides look like? Are they helping your audience or are they serving as your notes?  In this session, we'll discuss the best way to use visual aids effectively.  Nov. 23, 2 PM MST

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Video meetings are here to stay. How can you make these on-line meetings more successful?  There are simple things that can make a huge difference! Let us show you how.  

Nov. 17, 10 AM

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As girls, many of us are taught that success will come from being polite, soft-spoken and compliant. That may not be a winning strategy for a professional woman. What's the right balance?  Find out at this seminar.  Nov. 19, 10 AM MST



How can you fit all of your information into the timeframe? Is your content organized effectively? In this session, we'll discuss how to approach both simple and complicated presentations.  

Dec 3, 9 AM MST